Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bars and Richmond

Sundays it was Banditos. It was waking up hung over at noon and walking to Banditos for the Sunday Poker tourney. It was shots of Tuaca and a few beers. Sometimes it stretched late into the night, sometimes not. Work on Monday was a blur and the residuals of the weekend still fogged my head and after a long Monday I laid in bed at 5 PM and could barely remember what I did that day. If the hangover subsided by 7 PM (and it usually did) I would be off to Baja Bean for their poker tourney. Maybe I would drink, possibly I wouldn’t. Tuesdays were a wash since my unofficial weekend began on Wednesday nights at Lucky Lounge for SIN night. More Tuaca, more Guinness, more Miller Lite, more fogginess. Thursdays were a hop and a skip all over the fan. Buddys (which was right next door to my place, to my detriment), Starlite, Metro, CafĂ© Diem, 3 Monkeys, The Border, wherever the action was. Thursday and Friday days were basically a long nap punctuated by an hour or two of work. Friday night was the main event, the jump off so to speak. Friends who had humped a desk all week showed up out of the woodwork.

"Where we heading Jack? What’s the plan?"

Well lets go to the Slip, the Bottom, lets hit Richbrau, Tobacco Co, Luckies, Cha Cha’s, Europa is a must, Stool Pigeons, Kobe Steakhouse for shots, Mars Bar, Element, Tiki Bobs? Why not? Let’s do drugs, lets drink, lets fornicate. Saturday was then a complete blur with a hangover that lasted until sometime in the late afternoon, if it ever went away. Then, pick some of the bars from the previous nights and that was probably my Saturday night.

If I’m hungover now at 24, I can’t think, I forget shit, colors aren’t bright, sunny days are hidden from like I'm a fucking vampire, and I’m extremely unproductive. I wonder how I used to do that all week and still maintain a job (although the job was as a sales rep for a liquor company…still). I love to drink and party, I guess I just don’t love the volume of it that I used to partake in.

Sober writing is good writing, sober bartending is good bartending, and a sober Jack is actually a decent human being…most of the time.


Anonymous said...

you left out velvet.

Ava V. said...

so after reading this post i'm confused...where do you see yourself in three years?

Jack Goes Forth said...

Ava, in your post you were talking about wedding plans and how you would do things. My post is talking about not drinking 6 nights a week. A very big difference.

3 years? There's no telling. Not in a 9 to 5 and hopefully some place with water and warmth.