Friday, June 20, 2008

Bar Guide/ Style Weekly (Suggestions)

Since apparently I feel the need to put in my two cents on every single topic in the Richmond blogosphere (trust me I annoy myself more than anyone else) I've decided to make a few suggestions about Style Weeklys BarGuide. The reason for this is that I commented on In Vino Veritas post about the Bar Guide, and the editor of Style responded and asked me why I disliked the bar guide. I didn't have an immediate answer. Now I do.

-Overall I enjoyed the Guide, especially Brandon Reynolds' piece "Catch A Cougar By The Tail" and the Bar List by category, which you can only find on their website. Oh and Brandon, I work on the West End 2 nights a week at a Cougar Den, I date 19 year olds and I date 40 year olds (okay I wouldn't say I "date" them...) and if you ever want to go on a real hunt (ummm, for journalistic purposes of course), contact me. I'll show you the seedy underbelly of cougardom.

-Also Brent Baldwins web exclusive on hangovers was pretty good. It's 11 AM on Friday morning right now, and I can barely see the keyboard to type this mess, so it was good to hear some alternative solutions to getting out of this hangover haze.

- I'm not going to bitch about any specific articles. I will second InVinos words about "The Bank" though. The place was hot for a second, but seems to have cooled off. I may just have been there on the wrong nights, but I'm a man of the streets, and the streets also say that The Bank has fallen off. I do understand that the article was meant to portray how The Bank is the Richmond international contingents bar of choice, and maybe this is the case. But the place still kind of sucks.

- Talking about Patios and Glasses and why Infuzion is so cool is just not really what I personally would like to see in a bar guide. In the end I basically felt like the bar guide was an advertisement for 6 or 7 bars. Although, admittedly, I love me some NY Deli. In fact I'm upset that it got a focus article because now rubes from all over the outer-buroughs of Richmond will "have to come see what the fuss is about" and I'll have to wait longer for my Guinness as the bartender makes these people Long Island ice teas or pours them white zinfandel (Another stereotype: The Uneducated masses (black, white, purple,etc) love them some White Zin. It's true, I don't care what you say).

-I need more first person perspective pieces. I need a bar crawl with details like: Service, The Crowd, Anecdotes, etc. I want more grime, more dirt, more interesting shit. I want less softball lobs and more risk. Call some bars out, crown some others. I want a guide on whats hot on specific nights, not just on happy hour and weekends. I want to know where I can hear 90's hip hop and enjoy a cheap vodka soda on a Monday night while chatting up girls in the 23 to 30 age range.

-I guess I just felt like the Guide was sort of glossed over for the masses, which is fine because Style Weekly writes for the masses and makes its money from the masses and wants to be read by the masses.

- I honestly feel that Richmond is a great drinking and bar city. I'm not embarassed to show people the nightlife because we have some good stuff to show. But to someone who just moved here or lives elsewhere and had read the guide, well, it sort of makes Richmond seem a bit stale, a bit to... ummm, corporate?

(Ed Note:No offense to Style. It's tough to criticize a publication that's been around 25 years and one that I read religiously. But Style deserved some sort of explanation for my comments on InVinos blog, and now they have it.)


in vino veritas said...

so there is this homeopathic place i stumbled into on a sales call and was emanating alcohol. they sent me to tan-a for a chinese herb that would clear up all my hangover woes. it did and i bought a case.

Anonymous said...

Vino-please share the name of this magical elixir for christs sake.

JGF- Just heard your news Re: JC. Thats a freaking walk off home run. Seriously give up now, you've peaked. That also proves JmfC is the man. My new local hero over Jim Duncan (sorry Jim the torch has been passed).