Sunday, June 29, 2008

Atlantic City (Haiku) Recap

After 3 days of partying and 11 hours of driving, only to be topped off with a six hour shift at work tonight, Jack Goes Forth is a battered and tired young man. Sitting in the bar as I was waiting for my tips, I started doodling on a napkin in an effort to think of something to blog about when I got home. My brain was refusing to work, so for whatever reason I wrote a few haikus about my weekend in Atlantic City. I liked them. So instead of actually blogging coherently about what happened this weekend, I've instead left you with a few haikus in somewhat chronological order. Read them and fill in the blanks for yourself.

First hour blackjack/ Down three hundred very fast/ Drinking heals pain

Strippers hotter there/ Play us like "rich kid" fiddles/ They're stone cold pros

Mom- Daughter Combo/ Jack is in it to win it/ Alcohol fools eye

Ballys is monstrous/ Walking places pain in ass/ Casino rapes me

Discrete sunglass looks/ Beach bar drinking, Sun makes worse/ Chat up many girl

They look underage/ How did they just buy that booze?/ Lets re-examine

Why take bong hitter?/ Afternoon pass out naked/ Rally for nighttime

Seagulls are angry/ Tourists have hardened resolve/ Eat in fear of birds

Dancing like Jagger/ Many hot girls at beach bar/ Booze makes me charming

Two German Au Pairs/ Take them to Jay Z's nightspot/ Twelve-fifty vodka

Hall way making out/ Not a proud moment, again/ Alcohol fools eye

Atlantic City/ Many women, surprise us/ Fun weekend, now broke


Benedict Smith said...

you're teasing us...we need a devoted recap. sometimes after a particularly lengthy bender...I find it hard to actually record....the weight of everything and all the events too heavy to type....

Brie said...

I dug it. ;) But I am also a nerd like that.

Sounds like a pretty awesome time. And I have no doubt that the AC dancers are INSANE pros. Kind of jealous you got to meet them before I did. ;)