Thursday, May 8, 2008

Writing Project Upate

The book project is coming along at a painfully slow rate. I've been managing to squeeze in 3 hour and a half sessions of writing a week but I know that I need to devote more time if I'm really going to make this happen. So far I have 8 "chapters", but these aren't real chapters. They're more like 5-7 page anecdotes and somehow I've got a loose story line weaved in. Very American Psycho-style for those of you that have read the book.

I'm planning on getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 pages worth of material, then I'll begin really carving out a story and keeping the good stuff.

There is no title, but I've taken to referring to it as "Life As A Twenty-Something Bartender". I've thought about some really awful, stupid, abstract titles such as "Imbibe" or "Drinking For Dummies" and even "Do You Have A Condom In Your Purse?" I told you they were stupid.

I've really made it a point to not hold anything back. Any and everything is discussed from embarassing shit to potentially incriminating, law-breaking stuff. It sort of swings from the serious to crazy to funny to weird. I basically have no real voice and the end product will probably be a very strange, all over the place, collage of crap. I am managing to keep it all in the first-person though. It's starting to make the main character (which is basically me) look like a villain, and not the type of villain you sort of root for, although thats the end goal.

Finding time in my work schedule when I'm not dating, drinking or sleeping is proving to be a bit difficult thus far. I'm not going to stop though...


roosh said...

Suggestion: try to make writing it a daily habit, no matter how short a time you can devote each session. You want the words and ideas in your head every day instead of the twice a week blocks where you think, "okay i'm going to write now let me think."

Jack Goes Forth said...

Thanks. I agree.

I'd ideally like to wake up a hour early every morning and type, but just can't seem to do it..yet.

I know that I'll never have an end product if I don't start being more disciplined with my writing.

Also I've taken to your idea of carrying a little notepad in my back pocket everywhere. It helps all these ideas I have stay in my head...also I see so much shit bartending that theres no way I could remember it all without jotting it down.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to devote a whole chapter to a ridiculously detailed breakdown of the works of Third Eye Blind, like Easton-ellis would do with Huey Lewis.