Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Missing DC Metro

I love Richmond, I love the landmarks, the river, the (decent) amount of easy and/or nice southern girls, my high school friends, certain streets and certain older sections of town. I like knowing people in almost every bar I hit. Other than gas, the cost of living is much much cheaper than DC.

I hate not being able to walk or metro anywhere though. Gas is fucking my shit all up and then of course I sometimes (have) to drink and then drive, which really sucks.

I used to metro into DC from Arlington (Ballston) and just randomly get off at a stop, then I would start walking, stop for food, talk to girls, have a drink, people-watch; then if I got tired I'd just hop back on the metro and go home or find an area I knew better. I loved it. It reminded me of being in NYC for a period. Not having to drive anywhere is amazing and once you adjust to using public transportation it makes it difficult to get behind the wheel again.

I had a lot of memorable times on the DC Metro. Dates taken by metro, dates gone very arwy, hooking up with girls on the way back from the bars, being completely belligerent to and from baseball games (yes I was occasionally that guy), and simply sitting and thinking about stuff. Metro rides, even when slammed packed with people can be a great place to drift off into your own little dream world.

I also remember those morning and afternoons I had to cram my way in and fight to get on the Orange line. I definately don't miss the weary faces riding to and from their gov't jobs everyday and I most definately don't miss my weary face on that metro every morning.

This all boils down to the fact that I need to get back to a huge urban sprawl with public transportation, but like with everything else I want, I just need to be patient.

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Brie said...

Ah, the Fairfax-Vienna Orange line.

I know it well, and I've never lived in DC. ;)