Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ironman Date

*Tony Stark likes to drink Johnny Walker Blue, so does Jack Goes Forth (when it's free).

Advice: No matter how much you like a girl, do not cave for multiple bottles of half-off wine and/or multiple appetizers and then go see Ironman. The money spent for both is insane compared to rail vodka at a dive bar and then buying a six-pack and taking it to the river. (I have only myself to blame for this mistake.)

I gorged myself on crab and some sort of Cabernet Sauvignon, then I had a hard time keeping up with the rediculous plot/premise of Ironman, not to mention keeping my eyes open the entire time.

Robert Downey Jr. was great. The movie kind of sucked it for me though, although this is also coming from a guy who didn't really get into Spiderman either. Maybe it was "The Dude" in such a villainous role?

If you do see it, stay after the closing credits. There's a scene with Downey and a surprise cameo from a badass actor and it's sort of cool. I knew about it and I told my date, but the other 20 people in the theatre didn't know and got up and left. At first I felt cool that I knew this secret and then afterwards I just felt like some sort of comic book virgin nerd guy(earily similar to the "comic book guy" from The Simpsons)....which I'm not..... anymore.


Tuesday said...

I understand this comment has nothing to do with your post. Being a blogger myself I thought maybe a local Richmond blogger could help a girl out. I am heading to Richmond tomorrow for what will be my third time. I have Richmond to be iffy and was hoping to put it on my list of cooler places to hang out. Any suggestions on where to go or what to do around town? In my town their is a blog dedicated to just that--Richmond not having one is making it very difficult to navigate. Any suggestions would amazing. I will check back on your post to see a response (maybe from some readers too? :)

Jack Goes Forth said...

I would need more of a description of you and what you like to give you some more specific options.... but heres some ideas:

If you are here during the daytime, check out Belle Isle. The weather will be perfect for it. Theres rocks, rapids, people and best of all, the most incredible view of the city. Wear a bathing suit.

Also theres an event called Friday Cheers tomorrow on another island right next to it, Browns Island. Bands, beer, people, fun. A good way to begin a night out.

Bars: I would recommend the bar I work at on Friday nights (Tiki Bobs) but this bar doesn't always fit everyones needs. Heres my list of favs:

Downtown bars: Cha Chas, Europa(downstairs), Mars Bar, Element

Fan Bars(neighborhood a few miles uphill from downtown): delux, Star-lite, Banditos, NY Deli.

Cheak out this blog for some more Richmond ideas:, or email me with anymore questions.

Jack Goes Forth said...

Also if you have been called "extremely attractive" or something along the lines of "boobalicious" or "hooterific" in the past 14 days or so, feel free to come by my bar. I can point a blogger in the right direction :)

Tuesday said...

Well, you were on a roll there...the male stupidity took over (not that I blame you for trying). It happens. Thanks for the info and the web site. It looks helpful and just the kind of site I had in mind. I am definitely interested in all that you listed. I will check them out and maybe even write back how it all went.

I am younger (25) and am looking for a 20 something scene (thus the logic behind asking you). I love beer, bands, and generally people.

I have been called attractive, but I am not now nor have I ever been described as, "boobalicious" or "hooterific". Sorry. At least I am honest :)

One last question. I heard there was a bar there that had ice on it? I also heard it had so many beers you need a week to read the menu. Did someone make this up or does it exist?

Thanks again for all your help! I am excited to try your suggestions out.

Jack Goes Forth said...

The "Ice Bar" is called Infuzion.

My take: gimmicky and lame. Also it's a little off the beaten path so going there can be a hassle. But if you need to drink your beer in a bar thats made of ice then don't let me deter you.

The boob and hooter comments? Yeah, you must not read my blog enough.

in vino veritas said...

oops, jack - i think she is speaking of capital ale. there are three in the ric. over 500 + beers, beer specials, dollar burger nights and steal the glass nights. the one downtown seems to be the most rockin for the 20set but you really will find about the same crowd in the west.

Jack Goes Forth said...

In Vino: You're right. I saw the word "ice" and assumed it was about that new bar over by the Diamond, as that seems to be what everyone is talking about, although no one has actually been there.

As for Capital Ale, I stop by the southside location for a drink now and again, but the atmosphere is a bit tame for my taste... I also stop by Velvet now and again so my opinion really doesn't mean anything.