Monday, May 19, 2008


There's a lot of shit that you don't want people to know and sometimes the first few dates or first few drunken sessions with a person you like can bring these things to the surface...

Everything from drunken emotional admissions to actually physically stripping bare in front of that person are huge barriers in the beginning of any relationship.

I guess the question I sometimes face is whether or not I have the patience to deal with that person's insecurties? I feel like I'm coming to a point where I can lay myself in front of a woman and be honest about everything (in my case this is probably the LAST thing I should do) and I'm sure I want a girl who can do likewise.

On the flipside I'll have jealousy pangs when hearing about a girl's past lovers or past experiences, but it won't turn me away (unless shes hit the century mark for previous sexual partners.....ok wait, that doesn't bother me as much as it should).

Insecurities are unattractive and it's a daily struggle for everyone(including myself) to get past the little things that tend to gnaw at our own self-worth.

What does this post mean? Ummmm, well it means:

Having more than just a fling with someone is not as easy as just "having a fling with someone." -JackGoesForth

(yeah I've been drinking and yeah I got shit on my mind. So.... um. Go fuck yourself :)

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MoJezz said...

Jack you are sometimes a train wreck and that is why your blog is an interesting read. So fucking sober up and tell us what you were really thinking about (current guess is that you like her but she is a little screwed up).

I also don't think you are serious about wanting a girl that could lay herself out and be completely honest and up front with you. First, people have a hard time being totally honest with themselves. Secondly, as you know and have heard from Roosh and others, women and men are different. I love my wife and we have helped each other through some life altering stuff, but we are very different. If she had revealed her insecurities and deeper self to me at once or very early, I would have run for the nearest exit.

Then again, sharing insecurities does not kill a relationship, since a good relationship can be about helping someone see themselves as you see them and not as they see themselves.