Sunday, May 4, 2008

Excuses Excuses

Ok so I was planning on sitting down when I got off work tonight (Sunday/Monday) at midnight and dropping an awesome blogpiece on you, but then.... well.... plans changed.

I was the closing bartender and the closing waitstaff and kitchen wanted to go hit some bars with me. So needless to say, I did that instead of coming straight home to blogging and YouPorn.

Friends, women and booze will always supercede blogging and surfing the internet. ALWAYS!

In other JackGoesForth news, it was a good weekend for my empire on a variety of fronts. Updates on my life and this piece of shit I call a book will be made in a few days. Also I'm planning on blogging a lot this week... My real life kind of got in the way of my blog life last week. Thank god.

But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads? -Camus

At work I hear so many people worry about what they have to do tomorrow or how their going to feel tomorrow... You're in a bar having a cold beer right at this moment... Why not enjoy the present and deal with tomorrow when it comes? Your mind is what makes your life and your tomorrow so bad. -JackGoesForth (Yes, I'm a philosopher now... One of my friends called me that while we were out drinking last night)


Z said...

I love your blog, even when I don't agree. I'm pretty jealous you have such great angry anonymous comments. I'm a sucky writer so no one seems to care enough to hate me yet. Just the friends I have alienated by telling the truth. Bah.

Jack Goes Forth said...

thanks z. I used to wake up and cringe when I saw the anonymous haters, now I enjoy the fact that someone would take the time to hate on me.

Oh and on the alienation of friends? Yeah I feel your pain....or pleasure in that arena.

Zosimus the Heathen said...

I agree with the sentiments you expressed in your final paragraph. A lot of my old friends seemed to have that mentality when we were in our final year of school. I'd ask them if they wanted to do something on the weekend, and they were always like, "Oh no, we've got our end of year exams to study for!" (this months before those exams were due to happen too!) And as I've gotten older (though sadly not much wiser), I've found myself still encountering this sort of fucked-up mentality all too often. In the adult world, though, it's not a bunch of exams people are letting their current lives revolve around; it's bloody old age or even death! It's fucking crazy; people base every little decision they make now on how they'll feel about it when they're old! For chrissakes, you might not even reach that age, and even if you do, do you really want to squander some of the best years of your life worrying and obsessing about the bit that comes right at the end?! ARGH!

In relation to the specific incident you were talking about, though, I've long found that after I've gotten a few beers in me, I stop worrying about tomorrow, and pretty much everything else for that matter!

Zosimus the Heathen said...

Oh, and z, I'll hate you if you like! Although I currently seethe with virulent hatred towards many people, and spend my every waking minute obsessing over how to kill them and every member of their respective families (I just need to work out where all the resultant mass graves will go), I should be able to dredge up a little hatred JUST FOR YOU from the bubbling black abyss of unspeakable loathsomeness that is my sorry excuse for a soul. Hmm, isn't that nice of me?

Z said...

Jack, who needs friends anyway?

zosimus, I am so flattered, if you need me to hate you in return I could manage.

Zosimus the Heathen said...

Why thank you, z. Yes, if you could find it in your (no doubt) black little heart to hate me too, I'd like that very much; anything to increase my already Stalinesque levels of paranoia. We could keep it going for years, and even pass it on to our children (should we have them), so that it becomes some great blood feud that runs for centuries, and rivals - nay, surpasses - in sheer, senseless violence and evil anything out of the Balkans. Wouldn't that be fun?