Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All Day Long I Dream About....

*This is a real life photo of JackGoesForth from last Saturday night.

"Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight are unimportant." -Henry Miller (Sexus)

I'm 24 years old and I think about sex and women all day long. The only difference from when I was 15 and thought about sex all day long, is that now I actually have a chance at getting sex with all of these women I fantasize about.

I constantly speak with older generations either in bars or over email or even on the street, and some are still sex-crazed teenagers at heart (regardless of age), while others seem to have lost that spark and just aren't that interested in sex anymore. (Marriage is probably a big culprit, but I won't touch on that today.)

In periods where I have a lot of sex, it makes me only want to have more sex and I think about sex more often than during the periods where I'm in a dry spell.

Some guys will say, "I don't need to masterbate, I get sex all the time."

That's a load of shit. The more sex you have, the more you will masterbate. You're hornier all the time, you think about sex all the time, your body gets used to the constant sex and you have no choice but to masterbate, if only to keep your bodies "orgasm supply and demand" in check. (I think I just coined the phrase Orgasm Supply and Demand)

I don't care if this topic is taboo to some people, but having A LOT of sex, whether with one person or multiple people is good for you, no wait, it's fucking GREAT for you. Screw all the naysayers who cry, "Oh your dick is gonna fall off at this rate!

Me: "If I can ever have enough sex to actually make my dick fall off, then my life is complete anyways."

(PS: Don't get your panties in a bunch, I'm not advocating a completely hedonistic lifestyle that involves 3 and sometimes 4 different women per week and sometimes waking up on a wooden floor of someones apartment that you've never met surrounded by nubile 19 year old girls, no I'm not advocating that......This knowledge can be applied to couple's too, if you're not already sick of each other and now just going through the motions in bed because you're afraid of being alone.)


Brie said...

Sounds like you've got that good spring fever. ;)


Forecaster said...

Looking at a few models it's evident that the current orgasm demand is off the freakin charts.

In a market like Richmond where the competition is mediocore and low, at best, those on the market that can supply said orgasms, will do very, very well.

The Brooklyn Boy said...

I had this exact conversation with one of my boys recently. You sort of adjust to not fucking when you're in a lull, but then you get ass a few times in a short span -- same person or not -- and WHAM! you are your raging libido. All ... the ... time. Keeps you working for it, though.

Richmondite said...

I found your blog through

The link to get here read, "Richmond bartender rediculously horny" Haha.

Funny blog.

Benedict Smith said...

yeah. the more i'm getting it, the more i wake up and then HAVE to jerk it before work...and then when i get off work before whichever girl i'm seeing gets home so we can then have sex.