Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wanderlust Pt.II

As I continue to read travel blogs and books, the burning desire I have to travel only continues to grow and although I'm starting to cut down on my debts and earn a (decent) living, I'm still no closer to making these dreams a reality.

The closest I'm getting to Europe or South America is a quiet morning spent in Cafe Gutenberg daydreaming about these places. I'll sometimes be reading the paper while at the same time pretending I'm Henry Miller in some cheap, tiny cafe along the Champs-Elysees in Paris (although generally I'll be shocked out of this daydream when some hobo will walk by, yelling nonsense to the passing cars.)

So I wonder how will these dreams ever become reality? I can keep bartending and trying to save some dimes here and there, but in the long run that will only buy me a brief two week sojourn and this wanderlust will not actually be satisfied.

Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly pleased with my lot right now, and it's only in passing that I think about getting away (again). I think, "Jack, you've found a perfect lifestyle for you at this moment and in this place and time... Why wonder what else is out there? Just BE dammit!" I guess I'm just a restless 24 year old. This is the reason I can't just stick with one girl and this is the reason that I'm always looking for the next big thing to come along.

As I write this post though, and even for the past month or so, I'm starting to see a path (albeit its not clearly defined and I'll probably need a machete to go at it). I'm happy right now and I like where I'm going, but I need something else to fill my time. Lets face it, as great as bartending is, theres only so many drinks and techniques that one can learn. I'm making it a mission to become a great bartender, but this definately doesn't take much effort other than nose-to-the-grindstone, hardass work. No, the path I see is a bit different....While it will involve tending bar, it will also involve the idea that I've harped on lately... The idea of Projects.

What projects will take me to that next level? The more I think about what I like and what I think I'm good at, the more ideas I tend to get. I know I want to keep writing, but what forms(other than blogging) can I really get into? How do I get started?

I've been thinking about possibly starting a young man/bartender memoir and seeing what flowed out of my head...sort of a semi- non fiction/semi- fiction work of the extreme honesty variety (a la Henry Miller). I also plan on contacting some of the free papers around town about possibly contributing articles for free and for the experience I could gain. I think some freelance copywriting would be something that I could be great at too. Where the hell do I begin on that though? Going around to small businesses and offering my services? Possibly...
Another avenue is learning as much as I can about bars/restaurants, and asking questions and seeing how things are run. This knowledge would probably be used much later down the road, but I have to start somewhere. I'm also learning and experiencing that the bartender who really focuses and makes the effort to benefit the bar, in addition to his tip jar, will get the extra perks and will get noticed.
...anyone starting to notice how jumbled my brain is with ideas right now...I become breathless as I try to spit this all out...

Now where do these actions actually constitute a path??? The specific actions themselves don't make a path, it's the fact that I'm going to start moving on these actions and making things happen (other than just paying down my debts) that will eventually take me places. I'm not sure where I'm headed yet, but I'm ready to start swinging the shit out of that machete.

(PS: I'll keep my readers updated on my course of action. I intend on making a firm commitment to a big "project" within the next month as I continue to build my laundry list of ideas. Number one will still be me gaining my financial freedom back and hopefully some of my new endeavors will help with this goal.)

-Every man has his own destiny; the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him. -Henry Miller


roosh said...

"I think some freelance copywriting would be something that I could be great at too. Where the hell do I begin on that though? "

Create a product (e-book, movie, cd, whatever) and then try to sell it yourself. It will give you all the experience AND the satisfaction of success as well.

I recommend the book Web Copy That Sells once it's time to sell.

N said...

What about going back to school and studying abroad? This way student loans will be paying for your wanderlust, and you'll be learning a lot on the way - unfortunately that means you are going to have to foot the bill afterwards - but hey, that's for the older Jack to deal with, right? The younger Jack needs to wander.

Brie said...

Do you ever read Charles Bukowski? I think you might dig it if you don't.

(Although he's considerably more crass than Henry Miller. Just as a warning). ;)


Jack Goes Forth said...

I actually just started on Bukowski a month ago and yes, he is considerably more crass... which is right in my wheelhouse....