Saturday, April 12, 2008

Not A Tough Guy

(Ed.Note: This is one of those posts where I wake up the next morning and think, "good god I'm a complete woman", and then I consider removing the post, but since I value my readership (as minute as it may be) I'll keep the good posts with the bad... Just keep in mind... Drinking all day on one hours sleep, then blogging, does not make for a "tough" and/or "cool" Jack.)


Strawberry Hill was all that and a bag of Funyuns all over my backseat, and luckily(or unluckily) I didn't get completely smashfaced. On a good note I got three calls in 15 minutes wanting me to work doubles for the next two days. I was a bit out of mind and took the shifts without really thinking about how its gonna suck to work 15 hours straight hungover.... But I need the money, and I need something to quell the boredom.... 9 days of work starting Sunday. There's rarely any rest for the weary.

A randon concert after Strawberry Hill for free with the Miller Lite People (CitizenCope) at Richmond's new concert hall, The National and some random conversations and what not, have this blogger feeling a bit blue, a bit confused, a bit everything...

Booze, emotions, people: Not a good mix.

It makes me wonder how I developed and maintain such a tough shell when it's easily cracked at certain moments

*On a more awesome note, on Friday afternoon I was doing my hobo thing at Cafe Gutenberg with a friend, and we happened to meet Ben Folds there, an ultra emo, piano-playing genius. I was and still am syced about the chance encounter. I really think he appreciated when I gave him the fist in the air and a whooping, "yoooooooo, it's BEN FOLDS!!!!!!!" as he walked by.

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