Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The NEW Richmond Shot

As a young Richmonder with a solid amount of nightlife experience here in the city (liquor rep-2 years, currently a bartender) I feel that its my duty to share a new drink that was stumbled upon by myself and the proprieter of Element Lounge on 18th St in Shockoe Bottom (although it was mostly his doing).

Before I share this fantastic new drink lets take a look at some other Richmond staples when it comes to drinking:

Bushmills: A long time Fan/industry favorite for taking shots. Some people prefer to quaff Jamesons instead and some people also prefer to shit in the woods... to each his own.

Tuaca: As a long time Tuaca drinker and someone who actually worked for Jack Daniels (the owner of the Tuaca brand here in America) I can say with valid facts that Richmond is one of the biggest Tuaca markets in the country. Its a grassroots brand and Richmond is a grassroots kind of place. Other cities where Tuaca is big include San Fran and most of the Northwest. Tuaca is also a huge service industry shot of choice here in Richmond as evidenced by the multiple number of Tuaca Chiller Machines in bars around town (some of which were my doing :)

Jager: Barf. Still popular and still a vile and disgusting liqueur.

Soco: Triple- vomit. I shake up and pour about 25 soco-lime shots a night. Its nothing but sugar and a good marketing campaign.

Then theres the flash in the pans...The ones that get hot for a few months or a year then cool off. These include Van Gogh Double Espresso (Very hot right now), Three Olives Grape Vodka, Cherry Vodka, El Corazon Tequila, and Pama. (I'm sure I'm missing more than a few...)

Anyways back to the new hotness. As we were talking about drinks to mix up using Van Gogh's Double Espresso we decided to mix it with Tuaca and see what came up. After multiple attempts we found a money recipe which I will now share. Just please remember that it is the brain child of Element Lounge. (according to google this drink has not been invented yet.)

The Tuaca Express: 2 parts Tuaca, 1 1/4 parts Double Espresso Vodka. Shaken violently with ice until its nice and foamy. Enjoy now, feel like death in the morning.


SeanusWeanus said...

Not big in Richmond, but 110 miles up 95 in DC, and all over PA (where I am now), you will find the industry drink of choice is still GM, aka Grand Marnier.

Jack Goes Forth said...

this is true. I remember it being very big in DC/NoVA.

Some people drink it down here but they're usually DC transplants anyways

Anonymous said...

What the heck?

J├Ągermeister has the great taste of Nazi defeat!

Brie said...

Tuaca. Doom in a bottle. Sugar-packed doom. ;)