Monday, April 14, 2008

A Month In the "New" Life

Tomorrow marks my one month anniversary of working full-time as a bartender. In 30 days I've somehow managed to work 26 shifts at my three bars. The money has been consistant and even comparable to what I made with my corporate gig in DC. The really crazy thing about the past thirty days is that I haven't dreaded work or not wanted to work a shift even one time. I actually like working.... This is something that may shock some who know me.

The Pros:

--I've never been in better shape than right now at this moment, due to constant, punishing morning routines at Gold's Gym, hours upon hours spent standing and working in a fast-paced enviorment, and less Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays spent drinking. I've heard so many former bartenders complain about how they couldn't handle the "lifestyle" or that they always fell back into bad habits. Well with me, bartending is actually cleaning up my lifestyle, although for those that know me, I'm not a saint by any means of the imagination.

--My sex life has not gotten better or worse because quite simply, I don't have a great amount of time to spend in the sack. I have met an incredible amount of (beautiful and/or smart) women in the past month though, which begs the question... When the hell will I actually be able to date some of these women? I'm starting to see why service industry people tend to date other service industry people. Still this goes in the book as a pro because I meet more women on the average Thursday than most guys do in an entire month. The sex still happens.... You just have to get a little creative sometimes. :) Parking decks?!?

--New friends, new acquaintences, and new people to turn to for help or advice.... Bartending is a social business and I've been taking full advantage of that fact.

--My creativity and intellect is growing by leaps and bounds. Ideas, words, books, energy, ideologies, plans, schemes and everything else you can think of is what my brain is made of right now. I feel like I'm on a constant caffeine high for 20 hours a day and I can't stop moving and doing and seeing. Having the daylight to live my life may have been the answer all along.


--The sleep has suffered. My old favorite pasttime of sleeping A LOT is no more. You may think that this is a good thing, but I need my sleep and even when I have the time to sleep, my body clock is all over the map so the sleep is a bit fitful. In 30 days I may have had 3-4 refreshing 8-9 hour deep sleeps. The darkness under my eyes is becoming more and more permenant and unfortunately I think my body has adjusted and is just refusing to let me sleep.

--Less time with my old friends. Quite honestly I just don't have the time to hang out. As life goes on and you start to see people less and less, you begin to wonder why you hung out with them in the first place. If theres one thing I'm learning, it is to surround yourself with people who make you happy and lift you up. There are enough stressors in the world and having to hang out with people who bring you down is an unneccessary expenditure. Some readers may think that these past few sentences refer to them.... If you're not sure, then they just might.

--Having to explain myself on what the hell I'm doing with my life. People always have to know why I'm bartending full-time and they simply can't fathom why this is??? Unfortunately I can't tell paying customers how I really feel and I tend to fluff my answer to this question, although I'm always honest. I would hate to blast a tipping patron's narrow world view and grim, ho-hum life with my real thoughts on the subject.

--Having a fat wad of cash on my kitchen counter. Sure I deposit it every few days, but sometimes I may need a 20 or a 50 or a 100 to go out or buy some worthless crap. I've been pretty militant about spending for the past month, but I have to be even more so. Cutting my debt and a lot of other crap out my life is the vision. Living simple and minimal is the key.

Honestly, it was a stretch to think of any cons, meanwhile I could've bored you to sleep with even more pros. The bottom line is that life has flipped the switch and put a smile back on my face. The key for me is to enjoy it while it's sunny though, because the rainy days will always return... Luckily the more rainy days you see, the less uncomfortable they seem until eventually you need a little precipitation every now and again to keep you on even keel.


dchero said...

Interviewer: "Do you have any advice to give on life, Snoop?"

Snoop Dogg: "Yeah. Have fun."

Brie said...

Glad you're enjoying Richmond. I wish I had seen Ben Folds. :P