Sunday, March 2, 2008

You Decide

#1 Shes 27. She has an above average intelligence, a solid do-gooder type job, a house and is pretty good looking though not incredibly hot. Maybe a 7.5 on the scale. She runs A LOT, so her body is still very much in shape. She has money and a secure life and future. She doesn't drink much and rarely goes out to bars more than once a week, if ever. She enjoys dinners and wine and the nicer things that people tend to like after they've been through the bar scene. She gets tipsy after two glasses of wine and downright drunk after a bottle. Shes nice and thoughtful. She cooks. She willingly buys dinners. Conversation with her is very intelligent, sometimes sarcastic and often boring. She expects to be called, not texted. She doesn't appreciate drunken flirty texts at 2 am. In bed she is fun and the sex is decent, but not "over-the-top" great. Its basically good vanilla intercourse. She is a safe bet.

#2 She is 19. Shes not dumb, but shes not the sharpest crayon in the box either. Shes a Freshman in college...a weak college. She is naturally in incredible shape and is very, if not extremely beautiful. A 9 and possibly a 10 although according to certain bloggers, 10's do not exist naturally out in the wild. She likes to drink and probably does so 4-5 nights a week. She drinks a lot, and can stand drink for drink with a lot of men. She enjoys eating very little and drinking a lot of wine. If not on her prescription meds its possible shes a complete lunatic. Conversation is excruciating at times, bearable at others . She texts at 5 in the morning from random people's houses wanting to hang out....on a Tuesday. The sex is fun and exciting and not at all "vanilla". Her body is a work of art. She is not even a safe bet to remember your name.

I know which road I would take....Which way do you go?

Ok so theres other factors such as where you are in your life. What do you want in your life right now? Are you thinking about settling down? Obviously choice one is the good solid pick...the mutual fund that consistently provides returns. While number 2 is more like going to Vegas with three months salary in your hand. Not the wisest decision.

Whats most important? Looks? well.... unfortunately ladies... yes, looks will probably win the battle 97 % of the time. This isn't mantalk, these are just the facts. Although in this situation I think a lot of it has to do with the lifestyle of the person making the choice. Someone who is more grounded may take the safe pick, while someone who is a bit crazy in the head or less prone to long-term dating may opt for number two.

Having options is the way to go. Variety is one of the things that makes life so beautiful.

*Don't worry Helena Christensen, you will always have this bloggers heart.


Anonymous said...

#2 in a landslide. With #1 you will be bored in a week. With #2 you may be looking for someone else in a week, but you will never be bored. Worst case scenarios: with #1 its 11pm on a Wednesday and you want to watch the end of the game and she says you need to turn it off b/c she has to work tomorrow. #2 you get woken up at 3am on a Tuesday with a gun pointed at your face, a chimp chained to the wall and a bottle of anal ease and cholorform next to you. I still take #2. Life's too short to live like everyone else.


Jack Goes Forth said...

haha... "a chimp chained to the wall..."

Also, personalities aside...#2 is much hotter. That basically seals it right there.

Anonymous said...

You had me at "#2 is much hotter".


roosh said...

#2 unless you are looking for a serious gf.

PS. My blog is moderating your comments as spam for some reason. So they show up later after i approve them.