Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Own Drum

*Two Dreamboats: Taking care of the Boston drinkers, one lady at a time...

So my new "career" endeavor has thus far been met with mixed reviews:

"So this will just be a quick gig until you find some new sales job or a real career?" -I'll find a new career eventually. I'm 24 and I have debts to take care of. This profession should help me do that.

"Wait you're bartending at that bar? gross..." -To each his own. If you don't want to come visit me, then don't. You don't see me visiting your sad cubicle every day do you?

"Awesome, we'll be down there drinking all the time now." -Good. Tip well.

"Jack, you were put on this earth to tend bar." That might be true, but lets face it... "I was never gonna be a Steve Jobs"- Thanks Mom.

"You, working at (Bar name omitted)...thats like the perfect storm." Ummm, haha. No comment.

"This is really what you want to do with your life?"- For the time being, yes. Jack is a happy boy.

"Your gonna be like the bizarro Jack with your new hours." Sort of. I like staying up late and sleeping late. It works for me.

"So wait, you can't go out on Friday nights anymore? That sucks." Nope, but I can go out on more random nights(Sun, Mon, Thurs.) Lets be real, the weekend nights are worthless in terms of meeting cool people and women. There just a big shitshow...Ex. Saturday everyone is celebrating St.Paddys, its gonna be a big amateur hour. I'll just stay sober and take people's money instead.

"You're too old to start that now. What about settling into a real job and finding a nice girl." -I'm not to old, not even close. I'm 24 and look like I'm 18. I have plenty of time. Oh and settling down??? haha....ummm nah.

"How much do the tacos cost there?" There cheap but not on the house. I'm going to be a model employee for awhile. Thats a warning to all of my cheapass friends.

"You're gonna be on your feet for so long everyday." -Yep and unlike the cubical warriors out there I won't fighting the battle of the bulge by the age of 25. I think blue collar jobs will fit me much better.

Some variation of all these comments has been said to me in the past week. My additional responses: I like collecting oodles of cash nightly instead of a bi-weekly paycheck. I like bars and I like people(drunks included). This is a viable job for a 24 year old. I don't like corporate America. Theres no stress when I get home, once work is done, its done for the day. I'm not worried about reports or sales goals or any other BS.

Fair enough?


Mike said...

kudos, man, go with God

Arjewtino said...

You're young. Do what you gotta do right now. I was a waiter until I was 23 and it was perfect at the time.

Now I live in a cube.

Anonymous said...

ur mom is a sales goal

dchero said...

Sounds like a good move, JGF. You never want to make the mistake of saving up money to buy back your youth. That one never works out.

Sean said...

Keep on keeping on. I used to live in the 804 and bartended on the southside. Now that I live in Pittsburgh and make six figures flying a desk...I wish I was still behind a bar in RVA.

Jack Goes Forth said...

thanks for the encouragement people.

So far its been an overwhelmingly positive experience, but only time will tell I guess...

Joe Momma said...

You don't need validation from any of us. If bar tending is what works for you, who cares if some random person tells you it's a waste. Do what you wanna do....though it does bum me out you don't blog as much.

Jack Goes Forth said...

JM: I have a feeling that with my 7-8 bar shifts a week I'll be gaining so much blog fodder that my posts will be back to the frequency they were at.

I could write a book on last night alone (Friday). You would then find said book in the adult section of your nearest Borders.