Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday is MAN DAY: Featuring John Daly

Brief Bio:

The Good: 2-Time Major Championship winner on the PGA tour. 3rd most popular golfer on tour behind Tiger Woods and Phil Mikkelson. One of the greatest long drives in the history of the sport. Nicknamed "Long" John Daly for his massive tee shot and from what I've read, his huge manhood (Apparently he has the propensity to pull it out a lot when he's drinking.)

The Bad: On-again, off-again alcoholic. Once drank a fifth of Jack Daniels a day. Heavy smoker and tends to consume about 15 diet cokes a day. Very overweight.

The Ugly: By his own admission he estimates that he has lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-60 million dollars due to his heavy gambling problem. His main vice in the casinos? 5,000 dollar slot machines.

The Extremely Ugly: On his 4th or 5th marriage from what I can gather. Was arrested for 3rd degree assault for throwing wife #2 into a wall. 3rd wife was arrested for attacking him with a steak knife. Also involved in other various domestic disputes many times over.

Quotes from "Long" John or about him:

"I believe nicotine plus caffeine equals protein."

"Nobody can know what's in my heart. Nobody can know what I'm thinking. I know what I've got to do."

“My life is upside-down right now,” Daly said. “No matter what I do, it’s wrong. I’m thinking of writing a new song. I’ll call it, ‘I guess it’s my fault, even when it’s not my fault.”’

John Daly once saw Tiger Woods heading to the PGA's workout trailor and proceeded to ask Tiger why he worked out so much. Tiger response? "I wouldn't need to work out so much if I had half of the natural ability that you had John." -He was serious too.

I'm honoring John Daly today because he is an unrepentant, degenerate, alcoholic, gambling, whoring, unhealthy living, incredibly talented individual..... and while I'm not condoning some of his actions, I am condoning his refusal to apologize for how he treats his body and life. He is a MAN because he lives how he thinks he should live. Granted he lives like an animal, he still lives everyday without the fear that you see in a lot of men's eyes.

JD.... this blogger salutes you. Crack open your 6th Diet Coke of the morning and open that new carton of Camels buddy, this is your day.


Ava V. said...

sounds like he calls an audible every day

dchero said...

you forgot: "All my exes wear Rolexes" - JD