Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Tuesday? I Hadn't Noticed.

So far today I've had two interesting/strange encounters.

1. At the gym I ran into my best friends old roommate. I didn't recognize him because in the past 4 months hes lost 30 pounds while hes been training for a triathalon. It caught me off guard because he had completely changed his appearance in a matter of months. I won't lie to you.. he looked good, in a skinny guy who used to be fat kind of way. He's always been a successful young guy, but in my experience he never had much "game" to speak of and was never someone I considered "cool". But just from seeing him today I may have to re-consider my opinion.

2. Then at Barnes and Noble I saw a kid that I went to high school with. We were never great friends but we got along because we shared a few AP (smart kid) classes together and he had a similar, sarcastic, cutting-type attitude. Anyways he also looked very different and had obviously lost some weight since high school. He also was working at Barnes and Noble, and like me he is still trying to figure out this period of his life. In high school he was sort of the dorky, bookish, theatre type. But today I also may have to change my opinion due to his somewhat cool hipster apparel and the simple fact that he looked and acted a lot different than I remembered.

I think by telling you about these encounters I'm trying to say how important going to the gym and living a somewhat healthy lifestyle is. These two people who I had never thought much of are suddenly thinner, more energetic and more interesting than ever before. The funny thing is they were probably always interesting but now that they've adopted a different lifestyle and changed their appearance, I've started to notice.

For my readers that go to gym, you know the feeling... that after-workout rush you get. You know about waking up the next morning and feeling firmer and tighter than the day before. You know about the increased sex-drive and increased daily energy. You (hopefully) know the feeling when its your first time with a new partner and they take your shirt off only to feel lean, ripped tissue. Its a good feeling.

The point of these stories is that regardless of where you are now and regardless of your self-image....its never to late to make a change. Also, and this is the big point.... Even if the rest of your life is in shambles and nothing can go right, if you have your health and you feel strong... well... nothing seems to matter as much. Its so true about exercise being the number one stress reliever. I'm pretty sure I would've broken down in tears during these past few months due to my situation, but constant, hard, punishing work-outs really do help me keep things in perspective and keeps Jack a happy boy.

Strangely enough, both of the people I ran into today have caught me "in flagrante delicto".... I'll save those stories for another time though :)

PS II: A bartender's schedule is pretty sick, at least for JGF. Driving range, reading at B+N, gym, riding a bike, rocking out to Paul Simon while posting this blog at my Mom's place, and eventually meeting my best bud for 2-3 very cheap drinks at our local watering hole.... Not a bad little Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Working out is the number one confidence booster. It can help overcome almost any deficiency.

Jack: maybe drinking less would add to the equation even more.