Sunday, March 9, 2008

Everybody's Working For the Weekend: Some Thoughts

-- When a girl tells me she has a 15 year old son and its 12:30 AM at the Metro Grille, I don't think much of it. Especially when the girl appears to be a beautiful, in-shape, down-to-earth human being (also the lighting at the Metro Grille only allows you to see about 6 inches in front of your face). But the next day I got to thinking, so I pulled out my calculator and did some math.... If she has a 15 year old son, that makes her at least 30, which is okay, but she had a really good job and seemed pretty intelligent so I refuse to believe that she was anything under 36. Why does any of this matter?????

Because I had been drinking and the lighting was weak.... so now I face the prospect of possibly meeting up for a date and being sorely disappointed. But lets be honest, why should I even waste her time? Her 15 year old son is probably more mature than me... Unless shes looking for the opposite of stability in her life, I'm not going to waste her time.... Jack Goes Forth has a heart somewhere beneath this icy exterior. Hmmm.... this sounds like the perfect "fling" situation.

-- If there was ever a job that was perfect for me, it's bartending. I won't elaborate but lets just say that I'm pretty psyched about my new gig.

-- My "phone/text" game has really gone down the shitter. Maybe I should consult my copy of Bang (Roosh V) for a refresher course. Luckily my complete apathy with dating will generally pull me through a rough phone and/or texting period.

-- I finally found a copy of Jay McInerney's "Bright Lights Big City". For some reason every Barnes and Noble has always been out of stock. So like any other poor man would do, I got a small coffee, found a comfy seat and spent the next 2 1/2 hours knocking it out. Saved myself a solid 10.99. It came highly recommended to me and now I will highly recommend it to you. Its a quick read and very entertaining.

Side story to this: some guy in his mid-thirties sat near me and kept craning his neck to look at me, so finally I was like.... "you need anything man?" and he went off on this tangent about the book and how he used to live in Manhattan and blah blah blah. He was a nice guy, but clearly he was quite gay... Its cool though... I take anyone approaching me and hitting on me as a compliment. I even made out with him in the Kid's section to show my gratitude. (The last sentence is a fabrication.)

-- This new movie "Drillbit Taylor" looks pretty good. I know that Owen Wilson plays the same character in pretty much every movie, but I still think he's the man. I guess I just identify with he slacker-type/ dreamer guy he always plays.

-- This sort of goes back to my texting and phone woes but I'M DONE WITH FLAKY GIRLS. I refuse to go out of my way anymore to accommodate a girl if shes going to disrespect me. I'll make the requisite effort but after that they will NOT get another chance. You flake on me once, shame on you....You flake on me twi..... wait, there will be no more flaking!!! I have to many non-flaking girls to speak with. I'm a man with principles dammit!
-- For the first time since I've been back in the RVA I actually feel like I have things to look forward to. It feels pretty good:
1. I actually like going to work now.
2. The summer is almost here and I'm ready to spend a lot of time at my family's river house (hopefully with a special lady....or two.)
3. There are upcoming events...Strawberry Hill races anyone???
4. I feel like I've been getting to re-connect with some friends who I had neglected for the past few years in my selfish/ self-important/asshole phase. Don't get me wrong, I'm still numero uno in my little world, but I'm getting a lot better than I used to be. I'm starting to look forward to nights out with these friends more and more.
5. With the weather finally changing I can start running outside again and enjoying the beauty that is Richmond. Believe it or not, Richmond is a city with an amazing amount of character.
"Warm weather fosters growth: cold weather destroys it."


Anonymous said...

I dont think there is an "e" in Metro Grill, but anyways... I say go for the "old" chick. Her son can probably teach you alot about life. My life lesson from the weekend is that crazy chicks need love too, just not from me. That and the time change sucks. Why do they have to do it on a weekend? why not at 4pm on a Wednesday? that way you're excited to spring forward instead of dreading losing an hour. Stupid motivated people.


Jack Goes Forth said...

You know that makes a lot of sense about the time change thing....

crazy chicks huh? She looked pretty normal to me... a bit chunky, but I just figured you were into that. haha.

Anonymous said...

She was bat shit crazy. I didnt see it either. I didnt think she was chunky until I got her out of the Metro lighting. They can work wonders in that place with the lighting, that back booth is amazing. Kinda makes me re-assess the whole scene there, but upon further consideration more research is needed. Once I take say, 5 chicks home from there and they all have the "two-face" effect, then I'm done.

Jack Goes Forth said...

the two-face is extremely prevalent at Metro. But remember it works both ways... Its a great way of leveling the playing field I guess.

We'll have to work on your 5 chick goal. With a little effort I think you can knock it out by April.