Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bloody Face and NYC

Taken at 5 AM, 1-1-07 in Brooklyn NYC. The pic doesn't do the injury justice.

I've been hesitant to recount this story because of some of my actions and the people involved, but due to a recent bill I received, I feel it is now time.

Last week I got a bill from the Brooklyn/Wyckoff Hospital for 700$. This surprised me because its been a year and three months since I was in this hospital, I had health insurance at the time, and I paid a bill for 45 dollars about 13 months ago that I had assumed had finished the matter. Apparently through some sort of insurance BS, or some sort of collections snafu the matter is not settled yet.... Needless to say, JGF will not be paying this 700$ without putting up a huge fight and/or taking many months to do so. The point of me telling you this is not to complain about this bogus bill, but rather how I ended up in a Brooklyn hospital 15 months ago. Some particular events of the night had to be omitted, but I'll do my best to tell the story.

The reason I had driven to Brooklyn NYC a few days before New Years 06'-07' was for a woman. She was beautiful, smart and at times, batshit crazy. I was of course head over heels for her. I didn't trust her, I didn't know a hell of a lot about her, but she had something that was incredibly attractive and exciting. I had made this trip 2 times before and each time I liked her more and liked NYC even more than her.

This partcular trip had been wonderful so far. Time out spent drinking, a visit to her families home on Long Island, dinners, sex, and just a lovely all around time. The plan for New Years was a party at a friends in Chinatown Manhattan (she lived in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn). We went to the party and had a great time. Drinking, eating and I got to hang out with her girlfriends and her sister. At some point in the evening(around 2 am) we decided to venture back into Brooklyn and hit her favorite bar in Williamsburg. I was pretty lit up so of course I'm game. We go with a few other people and at first its pretty fun. More drinking and some other pharmaceuticals get involved. Heres where the story gets strange/interesting...

At this bar( kind of a dark, Moroccan-themed, smoky place) I end up meeting these three Puerto Rican guys. At this point I have no idea where my girl is and I'm sure I don't care either. From what I can recall I speak with these guys for a long time, even going as far to buy them Coronas and shots of my favorite Tequila, Don Julio. I never saw the next thing coming....

Apparently these guys had taken offense to something I said (I did sort of lecture about how great Don Julio is) or they took offense to my nice suit, apparent money and the group of beautiful women I was with. I think it was the later one because I sort of remember one of these guys mentioning how lucky I was. But anyways, I remember turning my back to them and bellying up the bar for my beer, as I turned back around I felt the smash of glass and a lot of wetness on the side of my face. I looked ahead and there was no one there. I then remember turning back to the bar and taking a huge gulp of beer and acting like nothing had happened.

Bystanders told me that one of the guys was standing at the back door, one of the guys was holding me and the other one wound up with a full Corona and smashed it into my temple. They all then dashed out the back door.
I looked down and my entire suit was covered in wetness and my white shirt was now completely red. I got rushed outside in a sort of daze. The attackers were long gone. I honestly didn't feel an ounce of pain. My body was so pumped up with booze and other stuff that it just didn't register.

A long story short, I should've been taken to the hospital immediately, but I convinced the girls that I was fine and it was nothing. We went back to her place and abused more substances. I vaguely remember the sun rising and the girl trying to initiate sex. I was completely destroyed and a bloody mess, so sex didnt happen. Looking back, that whole scenario is semi-hilarious actually. Me, naked, blood all over my face, completely unable to fornicate...and her, laying naked next to me, completely out of her mind on substnces, pleasuring herself and trying to coerce me into sex. (Ed.Note: I contemplated not adding that part, but I have to be honest to the blog code. Sorry to the party involved and sorry to the people who may refer to me as their son....)

So I woke up the next afternoon covered in blood, the girl had blood all over her, and the bed sheets were ruined with a huge red stain. My head was still gushing. I finally went to the hospital at 5 PM the next day and was told there was nothing they could do. You can't get stitches 12 hours after a wound is made due to the high risk of infection. It would've been 28 stitches from what they said. They cleaned it and gave me a tetanus shot but that was it. The doctor jokingly said that I could forget about a career in modeling. It looked pretty rough. I still carry a scar and an f-ed up hair line on the left side of my head.

I had to drive back the next day for work, and then went around for the next three weeks with a head wrap on. On three occasions the wound re-opened in an account and ran down the side of my face and neck much to horror of my clients.... ha

Looking back it's an interesting story. I thought back then that it would bring me and this "girl" closer, but it probably just made her realize how immature I was (and am). Even through that, if given the chance I would still drop everything and move to NYC/Brooklyn in a heartbeat if given the chance. Theres a whole other energy in that city thats unlike anything I'd ever experienced.

I ended up dating another girl up in the area a few months back, and every time I was driving into the city or even saw the buildings from I-95, I'd get chills. I can vividly remember every experience I had there and hopefully, if I'm lucky, there will be many many more experiences in the future.

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