Sunday, January 27, 2008

You Can't Fake This

Saturday night I went out with my new roommate/close buddy. We had multiple drinks, hit a few bars, chatted up 9-10 women, etc. It was a pretty conventional and fun night. At one point we were hanging out at a new "hot-spot" , corporate type bar (Think of TGI Fridays without the stench of horrible cologne, fried "macaroni poppers" and old people).
At this point of the night we were pretty deep in the cups and we're standing near the bar speaking with my buddy's sister and her friends. Well... we weren't exactly standing, we were actually dancing our asses off, yelling, smiling, and generally having a complete blast. We were not concerned with people around us, we were not looking around for who was watching us, we were not actively moving around the bar in an effort to speak with women, but we were genuinely enjoying the music and the good company. Remember that I said, "We were not actively moving around the bar in an effort to speak with women." What do you think happened next???

My buddy and I were immediately besieged by two juicy young ladies who saw us from across this HUGE bar and specifically came up to us because they said we were the only ones smiling, dancing and having bona fide fun. We got approached by two good-looking girls and they said they saw us dancing and had to come chat us up...Trust me, we dance like Elaine Benes. It was not our dancing that really brought them over. Infact, a lot of women were approaching us for the simple fact that we were not faking it like the other glossy haired, non-smiling, trying to look cool, assholes who frequented this place. The lesson here is....

Stop caring about what people think or say about you and good things will invariably happen.

I'm 100 % sure that we were annoying some of the other bar patrons with our behavior and boisterousness. I'm 100 % sure that some people were talking shit about us to their friends. I'm also 100 % percent sure that we were chatting up some pretty women, making out with one or two pretty women ("pretty" is open to interpretation) and laughing harder than anyone else there.

People are attracted to enthusiasm. People are attracted to authentic acts. Trying to fake coolness, or trying to be someone you aren't usually doesn't work. Focus on maximizing your own personal enjoyment and happiness. Say what you want and don't water it down. Don't apologize. Sex will follow :)


Anonymous said...

And what is a man without energy? Nothing - nothing at all. Mark Twain.

Good post.

Anonymous said...

"In fact" is two words. Idiot.