Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Party and Hangovers

Now that I have no conceivable reason to get up early in the mornings, it has left me in a very tough situation. Is it socially acceptable to drink heavily on any night of the week?

I'm used to the workweek party schedule, which consisted of drinking on Thursday and really drinking on Friday and Saturday. Then my hangover would completely subside sometime on Wednesday and I was good to go again.

I ask this very important question because it is currently Wednesday night and I'm sitting in Panera Bread at the Ballston Mall. I see the steady stream of young people coming and going from Rock Bottom Brewery, and I think, "what reason do I have to not go over for a beer or six?"

I start restaurant work tomorrow, but not until 4 o'clock. 4 O CLOCK! I can sleep until whenever. Its quite the feeling. So work isn't an excuse. Infact I will soon be hanging out exclusively with industry people and having vastly different hours from the so-called "real world".

My health is top notch. So much so, that I have voluntarily given up health insurance. Okay, maybe not voluntarily, but whatever. I'm in the gym daily and when in said gym, I'm a beast. So health and weight concerns play no role in this decision. I understand that they will eventually, but not now, not at 24.

My body clock will need to adjust to these vampire-like hours, but the only way to do that is to start staying up later. Right?

Hmmmmm....I'm starting to get a thirst for 1 dollar beers and drunk white women.

I know what your thinking. This stupid 24 year old kid wants to party every night and he doesn't understand the consequences. He will shortly tire of this lifestyle....

Oh dear're an idiot. I understand the service industry lifestyle better than most service industry workers. I somehow survived my first three years out of college as a liquor rep and believe me, when you have an expense account to drink from the age of 21 to 23, you party.....hard. Unfortunately in that position I had to get up in the morning and work.

Jack Big Life Mistake # 38: Leaving my liquor rep job for soulless corporate mind-sucking job in DC. (Thats another story though)

So whats a sexy young thang to do???? I've decided to forgo drinks tonight. Making a good impression on the first day of work is more important than trying to bang white soriority girls two years past their prime on a Wednesday (most of the time). sidenote: I keep calling these girls white, when in fact I'm also white. Doesn't make sense, I know. Just wanted to clarify that.

One other thing worth asking.... Why is it, that I could drink like a sailor at 20 and wake up feeling fresh, and now I'm in much better shape and I can barely have a glass of Pinot Noir without having a major headache the next day? Tell me why this is????

I miss college sometimes.

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