Friday, January 18, 2008

Party and Bullshit

Expect a brief blog hiatus as I'll livin it up in Charlotte NC for the weekend. For some reason the party began last night though....ugh.
For my NC readers, if you exist... Its high time we had a few drinks.
See you all Sunday with some fresh blogging material, a new tattoo, minus a few hundred brain cells , and some cool new STD's... Just joking Mom...I swear


dchero said...

Party and Bullshit - aka 'the greatest Notorious B.I.G. song of all-time'.

Anonymous said...

How can you afford Valtrez w/o health insurance??

Anonymous said...

Valtrex, that is

Raleighwood said...

I might be you're only NC reader. :) Raleigh id pretty fun. Let it be known if you are headed this way.

Paul Zhao said...

Sorry I missed your post, I actually was in Charlotte over the weekend.

I lived in DC for about 2 years and followed Roosh's blog, and I've been catching up on yours for the past week or so.

I now live in Greensboro NC. Comparing to DC, women are a lot easier to approach but harder to "close" at the end of the night. Maybe my game sucks or something.