Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jack is Drunk

(Ed.Note: DRUNK BLOG ALERT, DRUNK BLOG ALERT!!!!!!! Don't continue reading if you can't take misspellings, gratuitous porn or the rants of a psychotic drunken maniac.)

So lets call this free-style drunk blogging.

I started this post with no real subject in mind and more than a few drinks in my sexy body. I have many thoughts swirling through my head at the moment and I feel like these thoughts need to be shared. Let us proceed (in no particular order):

Going out alone with the only purpose of having fun is a great thing. I've been doing this for a long time and it always delivers. A man or women that can comfortably go out alone----> is comfortable in their own skin. MAKE FRIENDS WITH NEW PEOPLE...... its not that hard.

Flirt with people you're interested in. Don't be scared of random dudes or chicks or barbacks or scowling bartenders.... Talk to whomever you want to. If flirting with a girl means getting into a fight, then do it. Don't be the guy or girl who didn't try and sat at the corner of the bar like a chump.

Dress differently. Trust me....its worth getting made fun of by your "boys". Standing out always wins.... Regardless of what the retarded rednecks around you say...

The moment you feel the most UNCOMFORTABLE.... stand strong and act tough. There will be times when you feel completely out of place.... DO NOT show fear. Grin and bear it. Awkard situations are never as bad as they seem.

Music can make or break certain situations or attitudes. Always pump music that gets you amped. Don't pander to the assbbags around you that want to hear Dave Matthews. (Thats right...I said it.)

Always move in for the kiss. Don't hesitate. Oh so she turned her cheek????? Keep trying. The man who waits..... is a pussy. I hear getting the "cheek turn" kinda sucks... I wouldn't know though :)

Stop wasting time. In the words of the Allman Brothers, "Time goes by like hurricanes, and pouring rains...and much faster things...." You can't repeat these days and nights, you can only look back and reminisce. Be happy with how you spent your time.

Forget what you think you know about rules and social interaction. You don't know shit...No one does, especially me!!! Just be yourself, don't falter, and be direct. Fuck the consequences.

and last but certainly not least-----> "Always keep it sexy" -Q from 112 (MTV Cribs)


a reader said...

Maybe you should drunk blog all the time. Good post.

Raleighwood said...

I relate to this post. Tonight was the first night I went out, got drunk, and chatted/hit on/commented on every girl I felt was bone worthy.

It was probably the most refreshing thing I have experienced in the last 7 months (since I last traveled.)

Tomorrow I head to West Virginia to ski my ass off for 48 hours. On my agenda is to snag a snow bunny or two, but shameless game will take me there.

dchero said...

So true about the music. Droppin knowledge, son

Slightly Disorganized said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Slightly Disorganized said...

Please learn the difference between its and it's and you're and your.

You're killing with the dumbass grammatical errors.

Jack Goes Forth said...


you didn't read my warning... I was drunk!!!! Take your grammatical bullshit else where.

Slightly Disorganized said...

fine fine, but it's killing your message.

Katinka said...

Love this post! Since moving out of DC and with no GFs with similar dancing/flirting needs. I've been more bold and going places by myself...It is always worth it, just wish there weren't so many haters out there. Sometimes a girl just wants to have fun!

Benedict Smith said...

you gotta learn to bask in the hatred of others (particularly lesser men)....once you have that covered, no one can fuck with you while you're out...and it's the best feeling....reversing hate and making it a smile feels soooo great.

latrimose said...

Jack is Drunk...and oh so wise. good post.

Anonymous said...

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