Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jack Goes Forth....But Why????

Its official….my descent into blogging and crippling poverty has begun.

As of 12-27-07 I have quit my “corporate 8-6” job(ok more like 9:30 to 5) and begun my new life. What is my new life you ask? I haven’t really figured that out yet. I know I’ll now be a full-time server at a chic DC eatery (and bartender eventually) to pay the bills, but in terms of what else will change…I don’t know.

I suppose I’ll be sleeping many many more hours. I also figure that my drinking, fornicating and recreational drug use will increase… Although they were all pretty high before, so I’ll really have to focus on kicking more ass in those areas.

One thing that will most definitely change are my stress levels. Getting up every morning and dragging my unmotivated ass to the metro was akin to having someone slowly plunge a butter knife in my stomach (I was developing Ulcers! At 24!). Now I don’t want to sound like a total bitch because the job itself wasn’t that tough and the money was more than I ever expected to make in my twenties. Just the thought that this was it….this was the job I would do for the next 30 years. This was the job that would bring me my first wife, house, child,etc…. That this was my prison...This thought had me ready to dive headfirst into the Orange Line Metro.

No 24 year old should be ready to settle into that lifestyle…or at least not this 24 year old!

So heres my plan, or really, just my idea for life. Before I launch into this plan, I want to credit some sources for this new found inspiration:

Books, including but not limited to-- On The Road, by Jack Kerouac and Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, by Henry Miller. Also I have to credit many of the blogs that I currently frequent, whose ideas, actions and words have started to help me through this transition and also helped cultivate the courage required for the upcoming events in my life. If you read any DC blogs, its pretty obvious who has influenced me. I won’t list any here, but check back and hopefully I’ll have them linked to this site in the near future.

And last, the main motivator to start writing, living, and doing whatever the hell I want…..drum roll please……….. The innate feeling that I was put here on earth for something different. Something other than this cookie cutter life that 99.9 percent of the world has seemingly taken for granted and taken as their lot. This "work hard" for 40 years, while locking oneself into a marriage and child, then retiring to do the only thing your body will allow you to do; golfing with other cripples.( offense pops)

I know that there is something more to life and I have to figure out what the hell it is before I’m old and its too late. In this last soul-suck of a job, I started becoming afraid that everyday I spent behind a desk was a huge waste of my time on earth and putting a huge dent in this lovely period I call youth. I was literally taking my one chance on this earth and throwing it down the shitter by reporting to work and having to put up with a bitter bitch of a boss and do work that was by all standards, meaningless.

Now, you the reader, may be saying…Well Jack, how much happier will you be serving tables and bartending? I agree…Will this make me happy? Maybe it will, maybe it won’t…but it will give me more time to do what I want…I will meet many new people(including women !!! ), and I’ll pay my bills. The last thing I’m thinking about at this point in my life is 401 K’s, my sixties, retiring, settling down!!!….As far as I’m concerned if I make it to 45, penniless and I’ve squandered my life in the pursuit of pleasure…then I’ve won the game, I’ve seen what this world has to offer and I drank it all up with a tequila chaser. If there’s nowhere else to turn at that point, then I’ll end it myself. I can’t (and won’t) look back and have regrets.

If given the chance and hopefully I will be, I plan to travel and see many things that most people will never get to see….Unfortunately I have these nasty little things called bills and school loans that need to get taken care of. Fear not though, I will find a way to get out and about. Not having to go to a horrible corporate gig is freedom enough for the time being. Hoorah!!!!

Only after disaster, can we be resurrected- Tyler Durden

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carry on wayward son