Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Its Business Time

I was speaking with someone, while drunk I'm assuming.... A former co-worker perhaps... And we decided the ultimate test of someones sense of humor=
If you enjoy (and more importantly, understand) the HBO series Flight Of The Conchords, then you have a good sense of humor and at least a small amount of intelligence.

If you don't enjoy FOTC, and you are a man... then you probably are in a long-term relationship (and have been since high school), can only drink 3 beers before getting sloppy, and consider TGI Fridays to be an "awesome" bar.

If you are a women (and don't like FOTC), then I would still consider sleeping with you, but would rule out the possibility of going on a "real" date with you. Drinking heavily by ourselves would not be considered a "real" date, and would be the only way I could tolerate your lameness.

These are facts and not opinions... Please use this guide when considering bringing new friends into your circle, and when considering doing the sexy with a member of the opposite sex (for the second time, as the first time you sleep with them, I'm assuming you will be already be black-out drunk and incapable of applying this fool-proof formula.)
*Check out the show before you criticize this post. You will understand once you have seen all 10 episodes of the first season. (On HBO On Demand.)


dchero said...

Yo, they're going to start filming Season 2 soon. I want to be an extra so badly. I just want to meet Murray.

I still think that you are a wanker said...

Their original HBO special is even funnier that the show. Many segments of the first season was filmed in my neighborheed, and even in the elevator of my building, but soemone I never caught a glimpse of them.

Slightly Disorganized said...

hmmm. thank goodness i have HBO on demand and can find out if you will think me a douche based on my sense of humor (or lack thereof)

Spaceman said...

this post is straight up fact.