Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Inspiration Station #4

Stephan Jenkins -Lead Singer of the band Third Eye Blind.

The Vitals- Lead Singer of an awesome band that has sold over 8 million records. Has dated many women, most notably, Charlize Theron and Vanessa Carlton. Valedictorian of U Cal-Berkeley (English Lit) after spending most of his childhood with gripping dyslexia.

Why is he so inspirational?

The first and main reason I'm so compelled with his story is that he was already 33 years old when "Semi-Charmed Kind of Life" dropped (don't roll your eyes, I bet you loved that song at some point). He had lived for over a decade in the Lower Haight area of San Francisco, sleeping on floors and subsisting on Top Ramen and the genorosity of friends before he ever made any real money. He was committed to music and his beliefs and was willing to live the destitute/bohemian-type lifestyle well into his 30's. This is a guy with a valedictorian degree from a top university yet he refused to settle down or join a world that he was opposed to.

Second reason (and this is a big one): After hitting it big and becoming famous for his music, brash ideals and attitude, he began dating Charlize Theron. Most of you should be familiar with Charlize, but if not just look at the picture. After dating for over 3 years, she demanded a marriage from him. He refused due to his stance on marriage and the belief that he was "to young to marry". He was approximately 37-38 at the time. This ended the relationship and he went on to date singer Vanessa Carlton (This relationship is also now over).

Why does this inspire me? And why should it inspire you?-

Jenkins refused to let his age or society define his life for him. He could've taken the easy road out of poverty but he refused to live a life that wasn't right for him. He could've married the beautiful actress and lived out his days in Hollywood, but he stuck to his beliefs and his knowledge that theres so much more out there for him to see and experience.
I'd be willing to bet he looks back on his days of living a bohemian lifestyle in the Lower Haight as some of the best times of his life, I'm also certain he remembers Charlize and the great times they had.... But guess what. Life has an infinite number of possibilities and adventures....The only thing to stop you from experiencing them is yourself. He had to know this and he never let himself get tied into the prisons that so many people are in. He is now back on the road touring and in the studio recording. As some of my readers can attest, Third Eye Blind fucking rocks live.

Comfort= Boring

"I was possessed,'' Jenkins said. "People thought I was crazy. I probably was. I'm more quiet inside now. There's that whole thing in Western mythology that for a man to feel good he has to have gone out and slayed a dragon. To some extent, I've done that."


dchero said...

He never lost faith in himself. Not once, not for a second.

He started dating a smoking hot 23 year old actress a year after releasing his debut album and he stuck by his principles when she pushed for marriage. After he was basically homeless for 10 straight years. I mean, damn.

Raleighwood said...

I appreciate this post. Keep more of the same coming!

Lately I've been stuck in this rut of not knowing how to break my complacency. Now, being recently single I am ready to take the plunge in to the unknown.

Jack Goes Forth said...

raleigh- Congrats on your singlehood. Take the plunge and live it up!

Dc Hero- Check out their new touring schedule. I think their either coming to Norfolk or DC...or both. Either way, if they get within 200 miles...we're there.

Anonymous said...

yeah but now he's no longer famous and will never pull a girl like charlize again. just sayin

Jack Goes Forth said...

The point of the post was that he lived on his own terms. He wasn't living each day to become famous or to date beautiful actresses.

So you're saying that since he will never get a "Charlize Theron" type again, he should have just settled and stayed with her? booooo

Also after seeing him play for a sell-out show at The 9:30 club a few months ago, I'm quite sure he can still bang any hot 23 year old he wants.

Anonymous said...

Never knew he was such a solid human. Great insight JGF.
Very inspiring, but at 38 I would probably take CT and run. But hey, what works for you works.

Now go answer my comment as to whether or not you made lattes with the Barnes and Noble barrista.


Jack Goes Forth said...


I'm going to try and keep my "latte-making" prowess underwraps.

I'm going for a complete honesty thing with this blog, but I don't see the need to completely cock-block myself. Just partially.


virgle Kent said...

Charlize is hot like fire. The dude is a stronger man than I'll ever be. I would have put hot sauce on her feet by date two and a ring on her finger by date three. But that's just me