Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Game Time

My buddys and I play in a local rec league and tonight we have our second basketball game of the season. After getting ran out of the gym last week we have vowed to turn things around....And when a group of slow, decent shooting white guys vows to turn things around.... This is what it looks like:

*Minus the crusty, old school coach of course.

Pay attention kids, heres the greatest moment in sports movie history. I would post the video but I realize hardly anyone wants to waste 4 minutes on a video. Check it out here when you get the chance : This picture alone should suffice for now. Also if you haven't seen Hoosiers do yourself a huge favor and go rent it.

I can't describe the feeling I get when Jimmy Chitwood utters those words (orgasmic?!?) , then they show a speechless Gene Hackman looking at Jimmy like hes a supernatural being. I've watched these closing scenes of Hoosiers maybe 100 times, and I've teared up almost every time. I don't cry over anything.... but fictional Indiana High School basketball.... Thats a different story.


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my roommates and i had an intramural team last year, but we only won once. so we decided to skip this season...better luck to you, jack.