Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cable TV......Sucks It

Another Editors Note: There has been a high number of posts today because my brain has exploded with ideas and I'm having trouble keeping any coherent thoughts in my head. DO NOT expect this pace to continue.

I'm done with cable TV! I've come to this decision for a variety of reasons.

1.) I quit my job and can barely afford Starbucks. So cable was an expendable item in my budget.

2.) My TV watching was taking over my life. I had at least 6 programs that I hated to miss (Man v. Wild, Nip/Tuck, How I Met Your Mother, Southpark, Duke Basketball games, and 8 Seinfeld reruns a day.) Did I really need to watch all this? Isn't there a better way I can spend my free time? Of course there is. (Also I can now watch all Southpark episodes at!...for free)

3.) Books and exercising. Both are great things. I now devote more free time to each activity. Making myself more awesome through DOING, and not WATCHING, is a good thing.

4.) I wasn't really gleaming much from Cable in terms of conversation pieces. I can get just as much from the internet and newspapers. I can stay in touch with the world by surfing the internet (the free internet at Panera or any DC area coffeeshop).

5.) I'm really into music and quite honestly, MTV and VH1 have nothing to do with music anymore. They both exclusively play reality programs and I'm done with that reality bullshit all together. I can keep up to date with music by internet, going out, talking to people at bars, going to shows and simply listening to the radio.

..In conclusion, I have taken one small step toward living a more spartan, minimalist lifestyle. This makes me happy.

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roosh said...

Not watching tv is one of the best decisions a man can make. The key is moving from an activity that is passive (absorbing the tv's rays) to active, where you search for info or read and think. TV thinks for you.