Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Blog Promises or Possible Blog Lies

The Blog: Whats its purpose? Why air my dirty laundry? What the hell am I going to talk about? Does blogger = loser???

All good questions and quite honestly I don’t have many answers.

I know that I like to write and I need to get started by putting stuff down on paper(or Microsoft Word). I know that I have a lot of ideas and I know that I need something to devote my time to as I sit in coffee shops, surf the internet and stare at beautiful women. I also know that my life is changing for the better, and I need to get all the crap in my head on paper before my brain becomes to diluted with Bud Select and shots of Stoli.

My plan is for this blog to be a written history of my transition from career-oriented, cookie-cutter 24 year old—to a Pursuing What Makes Me Happy-- 24 year old. I’ll basically talk about whatever comes to my mind, my actions, good stories(don’t worry…I won’t name names!...maybe!), music, food, alcohol and whatever topics I feel like writing about.

I make these promises in regards to the blog…

-->I will post a minimum of three times a week, although I’m aiming for 5-6. I’m not sure what my schedule will look like as I re-enter the service industry, but I know I’ll have the time to write. Blog posts will range from completely, mind-blowingly awesome….to mundane, one paragraph semen dribble.

--> I will try and put cool pictures, videos and entertainment up (once I figure out how). Generally I won’t douche the reader with a bunch of crap that I only think is funny…I’ll keep the entertainment related to whatever BS I’m warbling on about in that blog post.

--> I will hold nothing back. I have to let it all go and it may mean fire-bombing the masses at times (sex, drugs and rock n roll will play a big part). Read at your own risk. I live a debaucherous lifestyle and that plays a big part in me and my attitudes towards certain things(like marriage…ugh). I will tell all and hopefully after telling all, people will want to come back and continue reading.

-->I want commenters. I want people to completely trash me and my writing. By airing my dirty laundry I expect that some old friends and some new readers will have opinions and I want to hear them. I’m not going to write for the masses…I’m only going to write for myself and I suspect that I may offend some people. So be it. I realize my Mom or my best friends may read this and not be happy at times….I DON’T CARE….sorry mom.


Anonymous said...

So you like to watch Nip/Tuck and Duke Basketball? I didn't realize that you were gay. I guess that explains all of the wretched drinking and pitiful womanizing.

Older and Wiser said...

I forgot to leave my name (I don't want to be annonymous), and I also meant to say that despite your overwhelming immaturity I do approve of your taste in movies.

Jack Goes Forth said...

Older and Wiser, You clearly are not wiser...I say this due to your implied fanhood of the UNC Tarheels. I appreciate the comments though.

Slightly Disorganized said...

and commenters you shall have...I'll be interested to see where this blog goes.