Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Do Now, Think Later

(Ed.Note: I know this topic gets touched on frequently. But these are the things I think cry me a river.)

I've been building a huge list of books to read, mostly by recommendation. So today after I slept in and had a huge breakfast of Special K Red Berries, I put on my usual unemployed attire of basketball shorts, track-jacket and untied running shoes (yes its 25 degrees here), and spent the next 5 hours at Barnes and Noble drinking lattes, engaging the frumpy mcfrumps who work there with flirtatious banter, and pouring through tons of books. I ended up buying a few that I felt were worthy but this post isn't about my book preferences (which are freakin sweet). No, this post is about something I read in one of the books.

"The problem is that after years of living in the real world, we lose the ability to be ourselves. We become timid, humble, overpolite. Your task is to regain some of your childhood qualities, to root out all this false humility. And the most important quality to recapture is boldness." -Robert Greene

Why do most people act with such timidity? I'm not an expert on this subject but I can say with absolute confidence that acting without hesitation and being completely on the offensive will win more times than it will lose. As much as no one wants to admit it we admire people who are direct, say what they want, sometimes act like assholes(when sober) and go about their business unconcerned with other people's feelings. Most people claim that manners and caring for your fellow man will get you far in life.... and most people live very mundane lives.

This is a very Roosh/Roissy-like story, but it must be told:

About a year and half ago a friend and I started reading the same blogs and books and we decided to make a pact that we would start approaching every girl we see . No matter where the girl was and we preferably had to be semi-sober (although we probably hit on about 60% of them in bars while drinking) were the only rules. I won't bore you with details, but you can guess where I'm going with this. To quote Thoreau, "we met a success unexpected in common hours". By forcing ourselves to be bold and get into situations where we would feel uncomfortable, we ended up doing very well. (This is an on-going experiment for the rest of my life and I'm assuming it is for this guy too:

I guess what I'm trying to say is, who gives a fuck what people think about you? Do what you want and go after who you want. You may get made fun of and you may even get a swift punch in the jaw....but fuck it, you tried, you failed, you are better than all the meek losers who can't pull the trigger. Be crazy shameless and let someone else count the bodies left in your wake.

Don't take this post as advice because I'm constantly working on boldness and breaking free of the boring safe zone everyone resides in. If you want advice or a master's opinion, hit another blog.... Give me 15 more years and I'll break you off some solid advice on boldness...I plan on being an expert by then.

*Do you think the "back in the day" Axl Rose ever asked for permission? For anything? He'd punch you in the teeth just for making eye contact with him. Where'd you go Axe???


Anonymous said...

You should get punched in the teeth by Axl Rose.


Raleighwood said...

Chance favors those who court her.

dchero said...

I've said it before, there's nothing better than getting rejected in fantastic, dramatic fashion. I wish I had video of the best ones. I live for the rejection, it gets me in touch with my limits. And there's nothing sweeter than success after failure.

I'd like to make a skiing/snowboarding analogy. Many people go skiing, and say "well, I didn't fall all day, it was a great day skiing." That's loser talk at it's finest.

God, I hate the comfort zone.

Joel said...

amen brother. good shit

Anonymous said...

The correct quote is:

"Audentes fortuna juvat." - "Fortune favors the bold".

And I also agree that Axel Rose should punch your fucking teeth in.

Ava V said...

I would love it if guys were that bold. Even if I didn't like them that much, it would be an entertaining night at the least. And as for the dc hero, I would also love to see videos of your best rejections.

Jack Goes Forth said...

Ava, I wish I had a tape of DC Heroes greatest rejections also. I've seen a few, but I'm sure hes been swatted much worse when hes been in the field alone.

Ava V said...

i've only heard a few tales. my personal favorite is when chair was thrown his way. god i love flying objects!

Brie said...

You're not going to like this, but I am team Kurt Cobain. ;)

heyitsyou said...

your are like a part of my subconscious speaking out to me.

and i think i feel the need to go and punch someone in the teeth.