Sunday, January 6, 2008

Atlantic City Baby.... Atlantic City

Its 3 PM on a Saturday and I'm sitting in the Arlington Panera lazily surfing the internet. I've been trying to think of ways to bring in some extra money and I happen to run across Bally's Atlantic City Homepage. It turns out theres a 275$ poker tourneyment at 8 PM this evening. Hmmmmmm.....

I'm living on breadcrumbs and scrounging for coffeee money already, and the only money I have is basically ear marked for bills, rent, etc.... in other words, its blood money.

So what would a logical, sain person, do in this situation? A smart person would laugh it off as a crazy idea, and continue to be lame and drink coffee until it was time to turn in and get some rest.

But what would Jack do?????? A guy who is slowly losing his marbles by the hour???

Jack would immediately pack up his labtop and jog back to his apartment. On the way to the apartment he would withdraw 350$ from the ATM. Within the span of a half an hour he would be in his car, screaming up I-95, bumping LCD Soundsystem mixed with Tribe Called Quest, and calling everyone he knows while screaming at the top of his lungs. Thats what Jack would do, and thats what Jack did.

I'm not gonna sit here and say that I was the "big winner" in AC, but I will say that it was worth every dime. I had never been to AC and I figured that I may not have the chance for a long time. It was a no-brainer. Well it was a no-brainer for someone whos on the edge of sanity like myself.

I envisioned taking the tourney down and walking with 5 K. Depositing 4 K immediately, then blowing that last grand in some sort of stripper/booze/tattoo/gambling-filled orgy. This didn't happen. Somehow I finished 5th out of 19 and ended up getting half of my original buy back (I was running hot and decided to call a huge All-in with A-10. He had Cowboys. I lost) I then proceeded to hit roulette for awhile and ended up about 100 $ down for the entire trip.

Sidenote: Don't try to "wing" the trip home from Atlantic City. I ended up in Philadelphia at 2:30 AM somehow because I staunchly refuse to ask for directions. (I'm a man baby.)

Anyways, I digress..... The moral of the story is..... two things

1.) Theres nothing wrong with rolling the dice everyonce and awhile. The ultimate highs and lows I experienced last night( could be manic-depressive related), where worth taking an ill-advised trip on a whim. I'd do it again and have no regrets. Will I be able to do this 10 years? 5 years?? Yes I probably will because of my anti-commitment stance.... but you??? the reader??? You probably won't. You're cogs in a big machine that doesn't allow anyone past the age of 33 to do fun stuff without permission.

2.) Nothing will get your blood rolling (other than sex and hard drugs) like putting money that you don't have on the line. I was so intense during the game and so focused because that money was not for gambling. Ok, I know this sounds like a gambling problem.... but its not....(First gambling I've done in about a year) its a living problem. I'm addicted to living and taking chances and finding my own ways of excitement.

Physically I am alive. Morally I am free. The world which I have departed is a menagerie. The dawn is breaking on a new world, a jungle world in which the lean spirits roam with sharp claws. If I am a hyena I am a lean and hungry one: I go forth to fatten myself. - Henry Miller (Tropic of Cancer)

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Thomas Jefferson said...

"Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits."